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  • Family Paintings
  • Meet the family members that Beryl has painted over the years.

Meet the family members that Beryl has painted over the years.

Alexa and Ruby Beryl’s granddaughter Alexa holding Beryl and Johns cat, Ruby. Carry tiger to mountain Teresa practicing Tai Chi, this is Beryl’s version of the ‘Carry tiger to mountain’ Cocktail Girl Granddaughter Sophie in a zebra print outfit posing in front of a cocktail. Dandelion Fairy Sophie the dandelion fairy Elviras Teresa, Beryl’s daughter in-law, working in Elviras café which was once owned by Teresa & John Jr. Felix & Lottie Felix the cat and Lottie the Dachshund take a ride on a motorbike with side car. Both belonged to John & Beryl. John & Family John , Teresa and daughter Alexa pose for a family portrait. John with pigeons Beryl’s son John sits on a bench surrounded by pigeons as their cat Penny looks on. Kev & Trace Beryl & husband John dressed to the nines on a night out. Lizzie John & Beryl’s dog Lizzie asleep in her favorite box. Lord John John Jr dressed in Georgian finery. Mini Cooper John & Beryl lying across the bonnet of their Mini, one of Beryls favourite cars Minnie John & Beryl’s Jack Russell Minnie Princess Alexa Beryl’s granddaughter Alexa dressed as a medieval princess. Princess Sophie Camargo Beryl’s granddaughter Sophie dressed as a princess holding her young cat Penny. Ruby Lottie & Minnie Ruby having her tail bitten by Lottie, John & Beryl’s second Dachshund, Minnie looks on in disbelief. Teresa in fur John Jrs wife Teresa posing in a fox fur. The Family Beryl’s son John & wife Teresa pose with their two children Alexa & Sophie.
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