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  • Rowing Eight 6″ x 16″ Ceramic Tile

Rowing Eight 6″ x 16″ Ceramic Tile


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Every tile is individually hand painted so no two are the same. A team of special skilled artists paint the outlines using a clay pipette which give the tiles their raised appearance, the areas in-between are infilled with bright & vibrant enamel glazes which only develop once they have been fired at over 1050°C for 30hrs in a kiln. This high temperature firing not only gives the tiles their beautiful rich colours but also gives them a high glossy, glass like, finish and ensures they are both heat and steam resistant and won’t fade in the sunlight, making them perfect for kitchens and conservatories.

42 hours are dedicated to producing each tile, this makes the creation process very labour intensive.

Due to the dimensions of 'Rowing Eight' this tile cannot free stand, it can be hung on a wall or tiled into bathrooms or kitchens once the backing has been removed by soaking the tile back in warm soapy water for an hour to soften the glue so as to remove the felt back board.

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